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Feature number eleven! You can find all of my artist features at and
:iconamiki-zorsez: Amiki-Zorsez, or Jess Hirschmann, is an artist from Mexico! She is skilled at using color and has a distinct visual style that I like a lot. She does both digital and traditional art, and I especially love her use of colored pencil. Amiki-Zorsez posts a lot of fantasy-style pieces that are absolutely amazing!

You can find Amiki-Zorsez at

Here is a selection of pieces by Amiki-Zorsez that I admire:
Welcome to Party by Amiki-Zorsez
Y Amiki Apa? by Amiki-Zorsez
Sweet Angel by Amiki-Zorsez
Balance of the Time by Amiki-Zorsez
Festival Night by Amiki-Zorsez
Kokoro Paradaise by Amiki-Zorsez
Your soul is Mine by Amiki-Zorsez
Feature ten! You can find all of my artist features at and
:icondarthmoll: Molly Shuring, or Darth Moll, is one of a few artists on Deviant Art that I actually know in person! Back when I taught junior high school, Molly was our school's art teacher! We've kept in touch over the years, and I still enjoy her art a lot! She is skilled in a wide variety of art types and styles. I am jealous of her digital art skills! She does a lot of great fan art, so you're bound to find something you like in her gallery. Keep up the great work, Molly!

You can find DarthMoll at

Here is a selection of pieces by DarthMoll that I admire:
Darth Moll by DarthMoll
MOLL-E by DarthMoll
Captain America caricature by DarthMoll
Cactuar by DarthMoll
Stained Glass by DarthMoll
Great Scott! by DarthMoll
Monster Concept by DarthMoll
Vycon Blairik by DarthMoll
My ninth in this series of artist features! You can find all of my artist features at and
:iconkeiiion: KeIIion, whom I met on Deviant Art, is a writer from Germany! KeIIion enjoys working with other artists, making requests, and sharing their art. At first I didn't see any pieces drawn or written by KeIIion on Deviant Art. However, KeIIion does share a whole lot of wonderful art done by other artists! You'll especially enjoy this gallery if you like anthropomorphic characters like wolfmen and lizard people--which I do! There are a lot of unique styles and types of art, so KeIIion's gallery is a great place to spend some time!

You can find KeIIion at

I was shown a few of KeIIion's written pieces! Here they are, as well as are some thumbnails of posts by KeIIion and various artists:

Mature Content

  [WIP] Akira - The Singarti Hunter 02-DE
Während Akira auf dem toten Singarti stand, fiel ihm die Frau wieder ein.
"Ist alles in Ordnung?", fragte er.
"Keinen Schritt näher du Ding", stammelte sie und hielt ein Messer vor sich.
Ihre Hände zitterten und sie schien sehr nervös und verängstigt zu sein.
Obwohl die Frau ein Messer hochhielt kam Akira näher.
"Ich habe gehört du sagtest 'Für den Widerstand', bist du im Widerstand? Weißt du wo ich ihn finden kann?"
"Nein verschwinde jetzt!", schrie die Frau.
Akira näherte sich ihr: "Es ist sehr wichtig, ich suche den Widerstand."
"Nein, verschwinde!", schrie sie wieder.
Akira wandte sich von ihr ab und lief zurück.
"Warte, es tut mir leid!", die Frau steckte ihr Messer ein. "Danke, dass du mich gerettet hast. Darf ich fragen warum du das getan hast?"
"Ich hasse die Singarti und wollte nicht mit ansehen, wie er dich vergewaltigt und tötet."
"Du bist doch selber einer, oder?"
"Nein, ich bin nur zur Hälfte ein Singarti."

(English)                      (German)
Kellion by KeIIion Akira - The Singarti Hunter - Cyborg Hybrid by KeIIion Starfox Adventures Krystal against Sharpclaws by KeIIion [PSX] Fan Art Legend -  Gator Warrior by KeIIion Turok against Sleg soldier by KeIIion Random Singarti Soldier by KeIIion big Bang by KeIIion
Artist feature eight! You can find all of my artist features at and
:iconflamesstorming: Molly S S McLaughlin, aka flamesstorming, is an artist and writer from Canada. Her writing is excellent, and I especially enjoy her poetry. I'm only sharing a bit of it, but she has a lot more poetry and other writing on her Deviant Art page. I would say that writing is her specialty, but I'm also very fond of the photography she posts. Flamesstorming is great at capturing the beauty of nature. I'd love to see even more photography from her (hint, hint). She also posts some digital art at times, so I highly recommend visiting her gallery and seeing all she has to offer!

You can find flamesstorming at

Here is a selection of pieces by flamesstorming that I admire:
Untitled by flamesstorming
garden by flamesstorming
new things by flamesstormingO.O by flamesstorming
Meet Clyde by flamesstorming
The seventh feature! You can find all of my artist features at and
:iconazifri: María Cristina, the deviant artist known as Azifri, is someone I've been following on Deviant Art for years. She is from the United States, but I believe her first language is Spanish. Azifri does many different types of art, including comics that she posts in both English and Spanish. I love her drawings and paintings a lot! They have a beautiful fantasy-world feel to them. As good as her traditional art is, her photography is just as great! She has an impressive eye for finding and capturing the beauty in places and things; plus, it helps that she has travelled all over the world! Thanks Azifri!

You can find Azifri at 

Here is a selection of pieces by Azifri that I admire:
On the edge by AzifriSeridae by AzifriThe priest's jeep by AzifriAutumn by AzifriFrom underneath by AzifriIntro of Archbishop Johanna 05/10 [EN] by AzifriGarden at Washington street by AzifriThe entrance to Fairyland by Azifri
Feature six! You can find all of my artist features at and
:iconshinygazza: ShinyGazza, a.k.a. Gazterra, is a versatile artist from New Zealand. As a big fan of Pokemon myself, I absolutely love Gazterra's original Pokemon designs ("fakemon"). They have a very professional look to them, and fit the style of real Pokemon very well. He is a talented digital artist, but is also skilled in traditional media. Gazterra's designs are brilliant--and not only for Pokemon! Visit his Deviant Art page and see a whole lot more!

You can find ShinyGazza at and

Here is a selection of pieces by ShinyGazza that I admire:
Pick your favourite by ShinyGazzaFire Peacock by ShinyGazzaHeroes Of The Storm by ShinyGazza
Fossil pokemon by ShinyGazza
Mecha fish by ShinyGazzaPunisher of Lust by ShinyGazzaBrains by ShinyGazza
Aozlo starters evo by ShinyGazza
This is feature number five! You can find all of my artist features at and
:icongoodolgooicide: Jesse Console, or 'gooicide' as he is known on Deviant Art, is an artist from the United States. He prefers creating traditional art (as does yours truly), and is very talented at pencil drawing. His art is very imaginative and full of feeling. I am often surprised at the wonderful ideas and strange view of the world that Jesse has. It is a pleasure to follow him on Deviant Art, and I look forward to his next impressive piece!

You can find gooicide at

Here is a selection of pieces by gooicide that I admire:
uncharted mountains by GoodOlGooicidecity of sludge by GoodOlGooicide
what's underneath by GoodOlGooicide
fugitive over dust mountain by GoodOlGooicide
hyperhuman by GoodOlGooicide
odd angels by GoodOlGooicide
gearman by GoodOlGooicide
Feature number four! You can find all of my artist features at and
:iconwhatsername027: Whatsername027, or Izi, is an artist from the United States that I follow on Deviant Art. She has great pencil skills and does a lot of fantastic black and white work. She has only posted a few colored pieces so far, but I think she has a brilliant eye for color as well! Whether it is a finished piece, doodles, or fan art, I enjoy Whatsername027's art every time I see it!

You can find Whatsername027 at

Here is a selection of pieces by Whatsername027 that I admire:

Third in my series of artist features! You can find them at and
:iconstilllungs: RGDevon (also known as Robin) is a writer and artist from Canada. I've only been watching RGDevon on Deviant Art for a few months, but I am already a big fan of Robin's somewhat dark/horror style. Some artists take the horror thing too far, but RGDevon has a way of finding fun and whimsy in the macabre. I'm also a fan of RGDevon's line work (but maybe that's because it reminds me of my own!). Do yourself a favor and take a look!

You can find RGDevon at

Here is a selection of pieces by RGDevon that I admire:
The Outcasts by Stilllungs
Drawlloween 1 - Ghost by Stilllungs
I C U. by Stilllungs

Drawlloween 4 - Vampire by Stilllungs
Drawlloween 2 - Devil by Stilllungs
This number two in my series of artist features! You can find them at and
:iconsleyf: Sleyf is a somewhat mysterious illustrator I met on Deviant Art. I don't know much personal information about her, but she is an excellent artist! Sleyf's style is very distinctive. She's is quite good at both digital and traditional art. When you visit her page, you'll see a lot of fantasy art. I love how her illustrations always seem to tell a story. I especially like the way Sleyf draws people and animals. Sleyf is very professional and very talented!

You can find Sleyf at

Here is a selection of pieces by Sleyf that I admire:
Ashcliffe Family Portrait by Sleyf
Gift Art - Aymstersilver by Sleyf
Inktober #03 by Sleyf
Sketch page - Jin by Sleyf
Trade 2015 - Herlizandos by Sleyf
Mercury by Sleyf
Illst - River Black, River Cold by Sleyf
Comm - Illst - Unbeatable Odds - Gnewi by Sleyf
This is the first of my series of artist features! You can find them at and
:iconmutantcomix: Mutant Comix, a.k.a. James Johnson, is a digital comics artist who works out of New York City. His big projects his horror web comic series. Dead Tree is already complete, and Mutant Comix is ongoing. He specializes in digital artwork, and I thoroughly enjoy his kinetic, brightly colored style. If you enjoy the gritty word of horror comics, mixed with mutants and robots, you shouldn't miss out on Mutant Comix!

You can find mutantcomix at and

Here is a selection of pieces by mutantcomix that I admire:
Son of a Demon pg 14 by mutantcomix Creature Render by mutantcomix
Son of a Demon pg 17 by mutantcomix
Space Trippin' by mutantcomix
Telescope Pg 08 by mutantcomix
Portrait - Finished by mutantcomix
Dead Tree Pg 21 by mutantcomix
THIS IS IT! by jbrenthill
Help me DA! You're my only hope! by jbrenthill'
Yay, Zombies!' on Kickstarter
A message from J. Brent Hill: :iconjbrenthill:
"Hello friends!  I am trying to publish a picture book that I illustrated, and I need your help! I'm not pressuring you for money, I simply want as many people as possible to hear about Yay, Zombies!  All those that repost this will get an individualized feature from me both on DA and on my blog, starting in November! You don't have to watch me to get the feature. Plus, I will be forever in your debt!"
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  2. Pick at least 5 Halloween themed deviations to share, one should be the Yay, Zombies! cover
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Here are some of MY favorite Halloween themed deviations this year:
Yay, Zombies! by jbrenthill    Drawlloween 1 - Ghost by Stilllungs    Zombie Wedding by kirilee    Inktober #03 by Sleyf    Inktober day 2 by enorie

Hello friends! I've been hard at work on a picture book called 'Yay, Zombies!' The author and I are using Kickstarter to fund the project, and we would be so incredibly happy if you visited the site to check out our video!

Yay, Zombies! by jbrenthill  'Yay, Zombies!' on Kickstarter

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Steampunk Pokemon Watercolor Paintings for Sale! by jbrenthill Mechanized Rabbit Skeleton by jbrenthill Wonderland Three Face Cards by jbrenthill
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Steam-Powered Pokemon: Charizard by jbrenthill Steam-Powered Pokemon: Bulbasaur by jbrenthill Steampunk Pokemon: Mewtwo by jbrenthill Steam-Powered Pokemon: Jolteon by jbrenthill
TANTUM GRAY #2 cover by jbrenthill Check out TANTUM GRAY #2!
Drawn by me and written by Steven Walters!…
Hi! Hopefully you've had a chance to read Tantum Gray issue #1--written by Steven Walters with art by me! We're having a giveaway on our facebook page. One lucky person will be drawn as the football announcer in issue #2 of Tantum Gray!

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(check out the recent post that starts with: "Good news, everyone!" for contest info.)
TANTUM GRAY issue 1--FREE! by jbrenthill
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